Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comic book conventions are ripe for spectacle, drama and just plain old good memories... Do you have any great "con stories?"

I have many great con memories. I prefer not to dwell on the unpleasant times I've had during con weekends (mainly they didn't involve the con at all but personal stuff while I was away). Great moments include: the Geppi Museum in Baltimore where I met the wonderful guys of @DynamicForces; Getting the opportunity to "booth babe" for Joe Sinnott in Pittsburgh and then for @loveandcapes in NYCC; I owe one of the best times of my romantic life to the Pittsburgh con; the CGS Supershow con and after-con hours are equally epic because it's the only place where I felt like I could mingle with the creators and not have that "line" of fan-creator between us.

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Paul Deatherage said...

My con memories include meeting Michael Turner at Planet Comicon a few years back and hearing the story that his appearance resulted from a gambling wager at a previous con. Recent memories are highlighted by the 2010 SuperShow where I got to meet "The Geeks" for the first time. The after-con party at 3rd & Spruce stands out; who knew so many comic creators were also musically inclined?

Jimmy S. Jay said...

Amber- I'm a huge believer in Comic Con Culture. I'm glad you posted this, as this is something i will be writing a bunch about in the coming weeks.