Friday, March 25, 2011

Is there a costume that you've done that was more stressful, time consuming and frustrating than you had thought it would be before you started? (Let's not count Amazonia, cuz I know that was a tough one)

The short answer is: Almost all of them are harder to make than they look. The suits I've made from PVC gave me surprise by ruining my needles. The vinyl would scrape off onto the needle. It made for much slower sewing and a lot of needle replacements; the machine sewing is usually one of the easy steps. Also, I hate making accessories like gloves. You'd think it's just stitching pieces together like anything else, but they are so difficult and I have to hand sew them. I'm terrible at putting in zippers and elastic which are in almost every suit too. Trying to add fur to Black Cat was also a complete bitch of a process and I was never happy with it.

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coats leather said...

why you was not happy with adding fur to black cat?

Amber Love said...

I probably just don't know how add fur properly. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it without trying to run the bulky fur and the fabric through the sewing machine. I've never found good fur, just crappy stuff from the fabric/craft stores and it doesn't look good at all. The high quality stuff is extremely expensive. I've even tried to use an old wig as the fur and it didn't work well at all.