Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi Amber, what do you think of shoot a bondage-cosplay set?

Not my thing. I have very strong opinions on the subject. My modelmayhem inbox is 90% "photographers" whose portfolios consist of only bondage despite how there's nothing in my own port or profile to indicate I ever would consent to it. I consider it my role as a journalist to present it as a valid form of entertainment and educate people but on my own deeply personal level that should not reflect upon my fellow models, I think the idea of a woman being treated that way is vile. I don't see a single empowering thing about it unless the photoshoot tells the story about her escaping (like the way Princess Leia eventually kills Jabba). I'll never discourage my modeling friends if that's what they want to do but I'll usually chime in that they'll need an escort with them unless they have absolute trust in the photographer.

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