Friday, September 23, 2011

Nancy Upton's "Extra Wiggle Room" on the American Apparel plus-size contest

Quick update from Nancy Upton who had entered a modeling contest with American Apparel, WON based on votes, then told they would not award her the prize for winning.

The American Apparel company was launching XL sizes and were looking for a plus sized model. Nancy was upset about the contest description's wording. Words like "bootylicious" and "needing extra wiggle room" offended her. She entered the contest with over the top pictures of herself covered in food while she was in full beautiful makeup and wardrobe at lovely sets. The responses were overwhelming when she had won. But then AA rescinded or rather denied her The Next Big Thing.

After a huge backlash, AA reached out to Nancy and she was invited to the company.
She has graciously offered to fly Shannon and me out to LA to visit American Apparel and get a look at what it’s really like being inside the company.
I agreed, as long as I could write about what I saw. She said that would be fine.
You can follow the updates about what happens next at American Apparel when Nancy arrives on her blog which now calls EXTRA WIGGLE ROOM.