Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NJ cosplay activities

This weekend there were two events: a fundraiser at St. Barnabas Hospice which brought in over $5,000 for the hospital; then the Flemington car show.

The car shows are the 2nd & 4th Saturday nights of June, July & Aug. People are welcome to dress up in family friendly costumes and walk around Main Street to get photos taken.

Coming up on Friday night June 29th is a Meadowlands Zombie Walk at 10pm.

July 25th is Batman night at the Somerset Patriots ball game. Aug 11th is their Spider-Man night.

Oct 6-7th is SUPERHERO WEEKEND hosted by Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ to raise money for SAFE in Hunterdon domestic violence organization.

Need a costume? Check out my etsy store. I have different sales each week. This week is Jesse Quick!


Anonymous said...

I love your Firestar costume. Can you make one for my 5 year old girl? She loves Firestar and asks me for a costume of her daily! My email is sfriedson@austin.rr.com. Thanks

Amber Love said...

Sorry for an incredible delay responding! Google doesn't notify me when I have comments waiting. Easiest thing to do if you aren't sewing from scratch is look for figure skating outfits or dancewear. They'll give you a base to start from and you can modify from there. Firestar is pretty easy that way. You can just attach red and orange flames and get red boots and gloves.

http://herideck1479.blogspot.com/ said...

This Tips Are So AMazing for my imagination. I Do Direction on ACtion Movies in indonesia, your Costume creation are made me inspired

Jamal Jarrett said...

I love your images. I would love to set up a cosplay photoshoot with you. I have some of my cosplay photos here http://jamaruphotography.blogspot.com/. I also get alot of traffic so It could work for both of us.