Friday, October 24, 2014

Reminder: Everything is happening at now

If you're still checking this site for archives, that's wonderful! My old process photos might be there but back when I started out on blogger the images were hosted off-site so a lot of the photos and links are broken. If you're looking for a specific costume tutorial, it's best to check

Yesterday was the first time in THREE years that I carved a new pumpkin. I can't believe it's been that long. I've had a terrible time at dealing with life and hobbies that I love to do like carving pumpkins and making costumes and even cooking are things I have to force myself to do. And I haven't returned to cooking yet for other reasons.

So in 2014, there's been progress for me that seems tiny and impressive compared to the years when I could make four or five costumes and then carve three pumpkins. Those days might never return.

In the world of writing, things picked up a bit this year. It takes forever to get even a few comic book pages illustrated when you don't have the funds or a full-time artist. However, I do have a small story in the RISE: COMICS AGAINST BULLYING kickstarter with my friend Carolyn Belefski. We're not running the actual campaign though so if you have any feedback about the reward tiers or questions about the project, you should direct them to Zan at Northwest Press, the publisher of the anthology. It's a pretty amazing project. One of the creators of the TV show Arrow, Marc Guggenheim is one of the contributors. If we get funded, I get to say I was in a book with him and that's incredible.

Vodka O'Clock is being produced whenever I can manage the interviews or convention coverage. That's available on, iTunes or Stitcher.

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